Skakki Studio is entirely dedicated to the technical planning of Live Events using 3D Virtual Environments. Fusing Creativity and Design with solid technical expertise, our goal is to achieve unparalleled results in every aspect of live events production.

Event Rendering

Our photo-realistic renders are rich in detail
and accurate when it comes to the technical elements.

Lighting Visualisation

Program a whole show before you arrive at the venue.
Connect real Lighting Consoles and Media Servers to simulate a full lighting rig.

Acoustic Simulation

Experience next-level sound with our Audio System Design.
Room Acoustics calculations, material properties, full PA prediction.

Giant leaps have been made in the methods used to calculate and visualise systems ahead of a production. Everything from room acoustics, to lighting and even drones used for GPS image capture. Skakki Studio was created to harness these technologies.

All of Our Services

2D // 3D venue modelling

3D Modeling lies at the very core of our business. Everything begins with a model of a location or venue. Our primary goal here is affordability and speed. We want to make this process as quick as possible to focus on the finer details at the [...]

Acoustic Simulation PA Prediction

One of the most commonly overlooked areas of a live event production, must be sound. At Skakki Studio, we understand very well the importance of good sound, and the many variables involved to achieve it. Our process begins with acoustic [...]

Real-time Lighting Visualisation

We use Lighting Visualization software to connect to any real lighting consoles to create a fully functional simulation environment for even the most complex of lighting rigs. Visualization software contains libraries of thousands of fixtures [...]

Production & Event Rendering

Unlike many Event Industry ‘All-in-one’ rendering packages, we have an Architectural Studio’s approach to rendering. This means creating in-detail photo realistic images using a library of real-world materials, textures, accurate natural and [...]

Event Planning consultancy

One of our main long-term goals, is to bring our standards to a wider audience in the Events service industries. We believe that sharing knowledge, will be the key to success in raising the bar in the industry as a whole. We currently offer [...]

Event Production Service

All of the planning and preparation is only worth so much if we also deliver on our promise. Of course, we want our drawings, renders, lighting and sound systems coming to life, which is why we guarantee the actual production is delivered [...]

Featured: Geo-Mapping

Outdoor festival site Geo Mapping

By mapping GPS coordinates to aerial photographs with the use of a drone, the output results in a 3D model of terrain and objects, complete with elevations and texture maps. This is revolutionary for the outdoor and large scale Events Industry, allowing to create highly detailed models of large areas in a very short time. Skakki Studio is currently the only company offering such a service in the field. 


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